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(Draft) 4 Things Dreyfus learned as an Electrical Engineering graduate

Dreyfus studied Electrical Engineering in one of the best institutions in France. He loved the subject and learned a lot which helped him in his military service. Here are four things he learned as an Electrical Engineering graduate.

1. Critical thinking

Dreyfus learned how to solve critical problems. As an engineer, it was important to think logically and it helped him solve not only problems related to electricity but the other problems he encountered while he served the army. As an electrical engineer, it is necessary to analyze the strengths and weaknesses and offer alternative solutions to the problem. He learned how to make sure that everything runs systematically and without any trouble. When we interviewed James Vardy from Electricians Portsmouth UK about the importance of electrical study at the time, he said it was unlikely that there was any of the important modern thinking that we have today. Electrical study was really only a concept that was beginning to come around. Building upon Franklin’s work, lots of other scientists were talking about electricity and began to describe the way it works. For example, in 1879, Thomas Edison created the electric light bulb and things have never been as clear since.

2. Circuit design

Dreyfus had very good understanding of the electrical circuit. He could solve any problem related to circuits. He was a master in circuit design.

3. Electrical measurements

He learned how to expertly read and manipulate electrical instruments. He had to test electrical currents and understand how the various components react to each other. This was an important skill that he learned and it helped him in creating new devices and repairing the old ones.

4. Complex problem solving

He was able to fix many complex engineering problems. He was good at identifying the problem quickly and assess the options to come up with alternative solutions.

His electrical engineering degree helped him in many ways in his career. He was a very good engineer and has helped in solving many critical electrical problems while serving in the army.…

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