Alfred Dreyfus was a captain in the French army. In 1894 it was found that Dreyfus was giving secret information to the German government. He was later found guilty of treason and was sent to the Devil’s Island for life imprisonment. Then new evidence came up which indicated that someone else was actually passing secret information to the German government, no Dreyfus. The case was reopened and after many years the President of France pardoned him and gave him back his military rank. This affair has inspired the republicans, Radicals, and socialists to work together. The Catholic church had a major role to play in this case and in 1905 a legislation was passed to separate the state and the church.

This blog is all about the Dreyfus Affair case. You will learn little details about the case and how it impacted the politics and society in France. You will find articles about Alfred Dreyfus, his contribution to the military, what evidences led him to get out of jail, and lots more. It is a very important case in history and you will know all about it from this blog.