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The Significance of The Dreyfus Affairs on French politics

The Dreyfus affair affected France and the entire Europe. It even jeopardized the county’s future. This affair resulted in many movements. Here are some significances of the Dreyfus Affairs on the politics of France.


Prior to the Dreyfus affair, France was the least anti-Semitic countries in Europe. Many Jews had sought political asylum in France. Also, there was no French delegation at the yearly anti-Semitism congresses. After the Dreyfus affair anti-Semitism increased in France.The government started carrying out economic and social reforms which made the lives of common people difficult. People started to blame the Jews for all their miseries.

The use of media

The media was exploited by different groups to shift public opinion to their favor. The media triggered the political change that took place due to the Dreyfus affair.

The politics

Before the Dreyfus affair, France was politically divided between the republic and non-republic. There were various political movements withing the anti-republic faction who competed against each other. They were not united. The pro-republican movements were united; they shared many common beliefs. During the Dreyfus affair, the movements against the republic come together and developed the anti-Dreyfusard faction. The movements that support the republic united themselves to defend Dreyfus and went against the anti-Semitic movement. Because of the affair, the republic got more acceptance by the people. It destroyed monarchy in France. It reinforced the democratic parliament. It represented the victory of the republic against the army. It also increased the gap between the pro-republic movement and the anti-republic movement. It united people with different ideologies.…

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4 Things you Should Know About Anti-Semitism

Antisemitism is prejudice or discrimination against the Jews. It is a form of racism. There are people who are antisemite in this world. Here are some things you should know about anti-Semitism.

It is not a religious discrimination

Anti-semitism is not about race or about rich people as well. Today, it is considered to be anti-Israelism. But when the Jews were killed there was not a state of Israel which was to blame. Anti-semitism is just a view that Jews are the main causes of troubles.

Anti-semitism is an easy scapegoat

Whenever there is any major problem, the leaders and the policy makers divert people’s attention to the Jews. People has a negative feeling towards the Jews and so they believe those leaders and policy makers. This increases anti-Semitism in our society.

It is a result of ignorance

Jews have contributed a lot to the science, culture, arts and other aspects of the world. Some of the anti-Semites don’t know about all these and blame the Jews for every trouble on earth. But there are educated people among them who knows about the great contributions the Jews made to this world, yet they stand against the Jews.

It is a political problem

It is believed that if the Jews had more freedom then anti-Semitism would decrease. However, many people think that it doesn’t matter whether they are enjoying freedom or not; it’s just a gut-feeling that people can’t get rid of.

We should change our views towards the Jews. Our attitude towards the Jews indicates racism. We should promote harmony in this world.


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