Can You Sing to Jazz Music

If you get some singing coaching, you’ll find that you rarely sing to jazz music.

The reason is that most jazz music is slow, and actually really hard to sing to.

Even if you ask some of the top vocal trainers, they’ll find it difficult to teach this type of combination.

What are the best types of music to starting singing to?

If you’re just starting to learn how to sing, then the training program or coach you have will recommend some specific music to start with.

If you don’t have a program to follow yet, consider signing up at this website:

It outlines two of the more popular online singing lesson programs:

I would say that once you get through this training, then you can consider attempting to see some jazz songs.

Here is a list great jazz songs to start singing.

But remember, get some basic training.

This is the big leagues when it comes to mastering a piece of music. Start with pop songs, Brittany Spears, and some other classics.

Then once you have improved your skills, consider singing some jazz songs.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be singing and performing in a jazz band at a nice restaurant.

And if you really really practice, you can become a star. There isn’t a jazz / singer out there right now, and these days you need to be unique in your approach to making music

Shaving with Electric Shavers

When it comes to deciding whether or not to use an electric shaver, the choice really is about location. Location, location, location.
Where do you need to remove unwanted hair?
If you’re a guy and it’s on your face, then yes use an electric shaver. If you don’t know which one to buy, check out the buying guide at Electric Shaver Guide.
If you’re not shaving your face, then you shouldn’t be using an electric shaver. They dont’ work well on your body. The only other exception would be on your head. If you shaving your head, then consider the Braun Series 7 for head shaving.
Electric shavers are meant for shaving stubble on your face. Trying to use them on your legs or body hairs is just not efficient. If you’re a girl and don’t like any of these options, consider some other alternatives like laser or hair removal creams.
If you’re still struggling with finding ways to properly shave your legs, check out this article at the Huntington post:
Overall, there are better options for body and legs than electric shavers. Men should only be using these on their face. Other than that, look for better alternatives.

Let’s Pretend You are a Guy
If you need a shaver and promise that you’ll be using it on your face, consider the models from Braun like the Braun Series 7 – 790cc. They get the best reviews, and they have a bunch of options for all types of beards. Check out some of the best beard trimmer reviews here. Prices range from 100 dollars up to 200. The models which are priced below 70 bucks should probably be avoided.

Laser or Hair Removal Creams

What’s the main issue with both laser and hair removal creams…. the cost. Each one has it’s own type of expense. Hair removal creams are not permanent, and you need to replace them. On the other hand, laser hair removal is extremely costly, and the results are not guaranteed.
So for most people, getting a great product like the hair removal cream from Revitol is the best option. However, there is also a new laser hair removal product which is essentially a one time payment, and the results are great.
You can find more specific information about the best laser hair removal product for use at home here.

Basically you need to decide if you want a large upfront cost, or monthly payments. That’s the bottom line when it comes to costs.
What about Performance?
Well the thing is, with hair removal cream, it literally takes 10 minutes and bam a bunch of unwanted body hair is gone! Just like that, it works great. If you stick to a top product recommendation that I have listed above, you shouldn’t get any unwanted skin irritation at all.
Now, comparing this process to using the Tria laser hair removal system, well that’s a bit of a different story. This is targeted for more of a long term about to hair removal. Results are not as instant as with the cream, but overtime you will save money. And to be honest, this takes a long time to see results with.
So for those that want the hair gone right now, get a cream. For those of us who are patient, go with the laser treatments! You can find a complete hair removal guide at